If you use public transit, you're protecting the environment. Why wouldn't you protect your money? If you're registered and you lose your Tcard, we can issue you a new one with the rides or days that are left on it! Registration is free, fast, simple, private, and only takes your desire to protect your hard earned money. Click here to register. If you're already registered just log on.

IC Students: To register your IC Student cards and add Semester passes or discounted By-The-Day or By-The-Ride passes, go through the normal account registration process and when that is completed, register your IC Student Card in the 'Register Card' section.

If you have already registered your card, attempting to do so again will not work! You must log-in using the log-in credentials that you used to originally register the card.

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Q: What if I lose my Tcard? Will I lose all those rides I had on it?
A: Not necessarily. If you're registered, we can transfer all the rides left on your old Tcard to your new one.

Q: Okay, so what does it cost for me to register?
A: Nothing. Registration is a free service of TCAT.

Q: I don't have a lot of time right now. How long is this going to take?
A: Less time than it takes to watch a commercial.

Q: I really don't like filling out forms. Isn't there an easier way to do this?
A: It's very simple and all you really need to fill out is your name. The rest is optional.

Q: I like my privacy.
A: And you will have it. TCAT only needs your first and last name so we can look up your old Tcard to find how many rides you have on it so we can transfer to the new Tcard. Only you know the user name and password you choose. And TCAT doesn't give or sell your information, except in very limited circumstances, such as in connection with legal proceedings, court orders or matters involving threat of imminent harm.Click here for full privacy policy.

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